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The same thing can’t be said for his co-stars, Venus and Emily. Urine therapy is a controversial, alternative cancer treatment that has not been embraced by mainstream Western medicine. However,3 million peoplereportedly partake in the practice every year in China, and according toGizmodo, urine therapy dates back centuries and has been cited in early Chinese and Egyptian medical texts. Carrie claims urine therapy helped her survive cancer. In a YouTube video calling woman addicted to drinking paint out TLC, she claims she’s one year away from becoming the first person to survive stage three malignant melanoma past 15 years . A woman in her 50’s who chooses to only be known by her first name, Carrie, drinks her own pee. She also washes her eyes, sinuses, and teeth with her urine. She claims it tastes like water, and she has no intention of stopping. Over consuming these products can be harmful to one’s body over a long period, and potentially deadly.

Refined sugar/ cane sugar is actually really bad for you , but unfortunately for most of us, it’s also in just about everything that’s processed. Most people addicted to sugar don’t even realize it because it’s such a common part of our diets. Your brain processes sugar as a reward, which leads to addiction and cravings. This is kind of hard to believe – maybe more so than eating dirt – but people can become addicted to the pain of romantic rejection.

Addicted to Coffee Enemas/Licks Cats

However, considering all I watch are adult swim cartoons, my taste in television is not much better. Oil based paint is rife with VOC’s, and is probably pretty poisonous. Depending on the solvent, a shot of paint could be anywhere between brain/liver damage and death. Obviously she’s not dead yet, so either she is not drinking oil based paint, or she is drinking it in small quantities. It’s also possible she’s drinking primarily latex paint, which uses water as it’s primary solvent. There are other additives, but for the most part it isn’t as poisonous as oil based paint. Still, it’s not approved for human consumption, and it could have any number of weird and dangerous catalysts in it. I hope the women in question manages to put her life together before this catches up with her. “I drink paint from markers because I have looked for other paint both in quart or gallon form, and I haven’t found one that satisfies my desire,” Beal admitted.
woman addicted to drinking paint
Candice struggles with her addiction to skin bleach to lighten her skin. Discrimination at school and teasing from friends has her convinced she is ugly. This episode of My Strange Addiction profiles Kevin who constantly covers his body in plaster casts even though he is not injured and Melissa who is incapable of making a decision without consulting a psychic. Forty-four-year-old twins do everything they can to remain indentical; a 26-year-old woman has been eating mattresses for more than 20 years. The episode focuses on the subculture of furries, adults who dress in animal costumes. The 2014My Strange Addictionepisode called “I’m a Living Doll” features Justin Jedlica, a guy who rose to fame after undergoing125 surgeries to look like a human Ken doll. His portion of the episode seems authentic, and anyone who’s followed Jedlica’s online presence would probably agree.

Season 3 – Episode 2 – Aired 2/12/2012

Some of the reasons provided in the thread varied from the episode, which featured a girl eating sand or another one who drank human blood. Season One introduced us to Davecat , a man in love with a human-sized, plastic doll he named Sidore. They go shopping together, sleep together, eat dinner together, and give each other foot massages. Forty-four year old twins Amy and Becky are addicted to being identical, looking alike, acting alike, and even weighing their meals to stay the exact same size. Meanwhile, 26 year-old Jennifer has been addicted to eating mattresses for over 20 years. Not being able to stop drinking paint is not the same as not being able to stop doing heroin.

  • The fifth season kicks off with a one-hour special at 9 p.m.
  • We have even heard of making prayer halls on the ashes.
  • In fact, Lauren alsorevealed that she only wears the fur suit one weekend a year for an annual convention, despite the fact that she was portrayed in the show as not being able to function without it.
  • But if you inhale too much of it, you risk fainting, and if you touch it with your hands, you risk burning your skin.
  • Season Five showed us Jennifer, a woman who gave the phrase “comfort food” a whole new meaning.

Although some of the shows on the network are educational, some are outright strange and bizarre. This experience was shared by a woman named Lauren, who was featured on “My Strange Addiction” as a furry. In a Reddit AMA, Lauren shared that she was told that it was a show about people’s strange hobbies, and that they wanted to feature her making a fur suit. “Furries have always had a bad rap with the media, so I thought that this could be a way to shed a different light on it,” she revealed.

People addicted to eating glass often admit to enjoying the attention, but also often sustain serious injuries, as you’d imagine. Michelle has been addicted to drinking blood for 15 years, both human and pig blood. After Lauren’s appearance on “My Strange Addiction” she reportedly had to put up with a lot more than just the frustration of how she was portrayed. She revealed on the Reddit AMA that she started being harassed as well. “A few people found my full name, my address, phone number, what school I went to and my major, and my boyfriend’s information,” she explained. “I received quite a few empty death threats from that.” Luckily, Lauren said the harassment stopped after about two months. That stipulation ended up being a bigger issue than Lauren had realized. “They portrayed me as a jobless, education-less shut-in who uses a mask to hide behind the fact that I cannot accept the death of my father as a reality,” she wrote.

Theresa was warned by neurologist Jeffrey Gould on the show that she’s playing Russian Roulette every time she takes a sniff of gasoline. But like the other behaviors featured on “My Strange Addiction,” there’s no closure for viewers about whether either Josh or Theresa ever stopped their behaviors. The tragic story of the woman who was addicted to eating her deceased husband’s remains. Forty-four-year old Crystal has been eating household cleanser every day since she was twelve. Her shame and embarrassment have caused her to keep this a secret. Meanwhile, 20-year-old Samantha tans up to three times a day in tanning beds.

They leave your skin feeling silky smooth and looking radiant as ever . Anyways, we get how people can get hooked on them—but eating them? It’s so strong that it wipes out any other color it comes into contact with. It’s also extremely efficient in killing bacteria, which makes it a great cleaning product. But if you inhale too much of it, you risk fainting, and if you touch it with your hands, you risk burning your skin. Season Five introduced us to Heather, a single mom of two who couldn’t get enough of slimy and gooey paint. She said she loved the feeling she got when it went down her throat and described it as a “thicker version of warm milk.” Thicker, but deadly. “I drink paint from markers because I have looked for other paints, both in quart or gallon form, and haven’t found any that satisfy my desire,” she explains. Despite the so-called perfection of her addiction, Heather’s eye twitches as she downs a shot of white paint in front of the camera. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel as Beal has told TLC that she has gotten professional help for fear of her children’s future.
Eco Sober House
Heather goes to the hardware store to feed her addiction. | for more my strange addiction, visit tlc.howstuffworks tv my strange addiction #mkcpgn. That’s nearly three gallons of paint since her addiction began.mor. Heather is 43 years old, a mother of two young children and a paint drinker. While many people may have Sober House gotten the wrong idea from the episode on living dolls that also featured Lolita fashion, this isn’t the only time that “My Strange Addiction” has told only part of the story. Namely, a woman named Carrie was featured in the 2012 season finale of “My Strange Addiction” for her “addiction” to drinking her own urine.

Of The Most Memorable “My Strange Addiction” Episodes

It is your responsibility to ensure that you comply with all your regional legalities and personal access rights regarding any streams to be found on the web. When Williams was featured on a 2012 episode ofMy Strange Addiction, she was depicted as a crazed nail addict willing to risk her health to keep her talons. According to the show, having long nails apparently inhibits her from exercising which could eventually aggravate her diabetes. She said her nails don’t stop her from doing what she wants to do, and if they did, she’d just cut them off, cold turkey. But after her appearance on My Strange Addiction, Paytas insists she’s choosing to steer clear of that type of television. “I won’t be doing anything more in the TV world with tanning, ” she says in a tell-all YouTube video.

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